Best Places To get Your School Supplies At!

Most of us are having trouble finding the right store to get our school supplies, but do not worry! Below I have written some great stores that sell awesome supplies to make your school year fantastic! But you can also make your own! Go ahead and look at my post about making those!




Office Depot


Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft


Check Out All These Stores And Tell Me In The Comments Below!



How get rid of permanent marker off from any surface!

Today I will be showing you how to get take permanent marker off from any surface!

( for plastic and laminated objects ) All you will need is a dry erase marker/ EXPO marker and a napkin, tissue or cloth. First, take your dry erase marker and start coloring on the permanent marker stain. Make sure to cover more than the stain actually is with the ink. Then, take your tissue and wipe the ink off.  It will take a couple of tries to take it off, but it absolutely works!

( for wood ) For this one, you will need toothpaste and a damp piece of cloth. Take your toothpaste and apply it on to the wood, DIRECTLY. And now take your damp piece of cloth and wipe it. If it still doesn’t come off, apply more and repeat the process.

Here is are links of some videos from YouTube so you guys know what I am talking about!



How to make paper look old!

Over the internet, you may have found tons of ways to to this with tea bags or coffee. But today I will be giving you an amazing and easier way to do so. I found out a way to make paper look old with only watercolor! The colors that would work best are raw umber, orange, yellow ochre and burnt sienna. These are the most hardest and weirdest colors, so basically you only need some honey yellow and brown. You will need at least 2 of these colors. Put a little bit of paint into the palette. My paints come in tubes so that’s what I do. Now take water with the help of your brush and put equal amounts of water into each palette scoup. Get a semi-thick piece of paper and dip a sponge into the paint. Now start dabbing it onto the paper and watch the magic happen! You can use different colors for an older effect. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to like!

Perler bead creations #2

I am really excited to show you my latest creation….wait for it……..The Dubsmash Icon! It was the most popular app last year, which is why I made it. It was really fun when I created it and I hope it will for you! If you would like any other info about the perler bead icon, please let me know! Below are the amounts of each bead you will need and the picture of the final product you will receive!

White- 148

Multicolored- 48



AG Hairstyles! With tips!

Meet my doll Adreena! I made this hairstyle on her when I was bored in the Summer and was getting tired of eating ice cream. My favorite ice cream type is the ice cream sandwich, I like it when it has a chocolate brownie top and vanilla in the middle. Wait….why are we talking about ice cream? Anyways, I got Adreena for my birthday and she’s adorable! Her hair is super silky and that is why I love braiding and doing fun hairstyles with her! This is my first post about American Girl dolls! I used small flower hair clips and a wire brush. I prefer using a wire brush because it just makes their hair have no frizz and silkier. While braiding I tend to use a spray bottle of water and spray some water when I see that their hair is really tangled or frizzy. Make sure you have no grease on your hands while you are handling with the AG’s hair! It will make their hair smell gross and feel oily. The most important part, do NOT get water in their eyes! It will make their eyes rust and look creepy.

Here is the image of the hairstyle I made:


It’s Christmas again!

If you had viewed my previous Christmas post which was last year, I had listed a few fun things you might want to do on Christmas, but this time I am thinking about doing something different. Since next week is the day we’ve all been waiting for, I have decided to show you all a couple of crafts I have been working on especially for you! I am going to alternate with perler bead posts and Christmas crafts. If you would like to check out my first perler bead post, click on the link below!

Perler Bead Instagram Icon!

Perler Bead creations#1!

Since I was having a difficult time with finding perler bead posts on the internet, I decided to create one! Today I will be sharing my personal favorite, the Instagram icon!

To make life a little easier, I will list the types of beads and how many of them you will need!

– Dark Blue: 21 beads

– Purple: 27 beads

– Magenta: 39 beads

– Light Corral: 14 beads

– Yellow: 17 beads

– White: 47 beads

Perler beads!

Hey guys! This week I will be giving you all some pics of my beautiful perler bead designs I have created! I will also be posting real creations! On the internet, I have been searching up places where people give examples and techniques about perler beads, but I can’t find any 😦  So, I am going to be the first one! Tomorrow I will start posting pictures and then you can view them!